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About me

I’m a lifelong lover of all things noisy: if it’s got guitars and drums and a bit of melody, I’m probably in. I cut my teeth on the rock and metal of the good old 1980s and, yes, it was embarrassing and overblown at times (mostly the trousers) but I don’t think I’ll ever regret the hair. These days, I’m still to be found wherever there’s a great band playing, still near the front when I manage to convince myself I’m still 17, which is a surprising amount of the time.

Having grown up on the music reviews of Kerrang! and Metal Hammer, I still scour the music press daily both offline and online. And with a past history of writing for newspapers and websites in various capacities, I still like to put words to my experiences. In an era that’s often confusing, frustrating and desperately sad, live music is the one thing I can still count on to make me happy and this site is really a tribute to all those musicians who continue to do what they love in a world that doesn’t make it easy. I hope to develop the content over time.

I’m also available for freelance content work and can turn my hand to most things.

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